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Sweden protects freedom of speech in certain circumstances and was a pioneer in officially abolishing censorship. A number of restrictions remain such as child pornography, hate speech and libel. In all cases there is a legal process afterwards if applicable and no media are censored before publishing.

Responsibility before the law rests only on the responsible publisher of a newspaper and only on the author of a book, with secondary rules only for such cases as books with an anonymous or an unknown author. It is not possible to take legal action against reporters, sources, distributors or printers because of the content of a book or a newspaper. The Swedish Constitution in this and a number of other ways gives very strong protection for freedom of speech and the free press. Since 1992, the same level of protection is given to electronic media in a parallel Constitutional Law, although there are exceptions that allow regulation of radio and TV as well as censorship of films shown at cinemas.

Swedish law has a few criminal offences that concern misuse of the printed or spoken word. Among those is a law against hate speech. This is in Sweden seen as a crime against the state and public order, which means that legal action can be taken only by a special prosecutor who is under constitutional obligation to give special consideration to the importance of free speech for a free society.[3]

Hermann Rauschning's book, The Voice of Destruction, was confiscated two hours after it left the press.[2] These and other cases of suppression showed the need to strengthen the protection of the free press. A committee, with former liberal minister of justice Natanael Gärde as chairman and such well-known journalists and authors as the socialist Rolf Edberg, and the liberals Knut Petersson and Axel Brusewitz among the members, wrote a proposal for a revision of the Constitutional Law on Freedom of Printing. This introduced a far stronger protection of the distribution of news, and it was with a few changes approved by parliament.

When do you stop being a victim? At some point, you have to embrace the freedoms that have been won. That also means accepting all that comes with it, from taking advantage of the opportunities past generations did not have to taking responsibility for your choices and their results.

The harm-reduction approach tends to focus on curbing HIV and other sexually transmitted infections. Supporters of the law say free condom distribution and other forms of outreach can mitigate that threat, but agnostics like Ljungros, of RFSU, aren't so confident that theory turns into practice. The state's overall goal is the reduction of prostitution, and she said this question always comes up: "Can we distribute condoms to people selling sex? Is it then encouraging them to sell sex?"

Though they won't say so directly, it's clear that all the major supporters of the law don't believe women like Edlund. They point to histories of abuse or drug addiction, both of which she has suffered and are fairly common among sex workers, as evidence of exploitation, of the absence of free will among the women who survived those experiences and went on to sell sex.

Of course, Cederlöf's work isn't likely to connect him with the women who advocate politically around their free will to sell sex. But a 2003 study suggests Cederlöf may indeed have his pulse on the majority. The study of 854 women in prostitution in nine countries found that 89% of them would like to get out.

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Complementing these media narratives are personal experiences, local stories, and a sense of injustice. A councilmember in the seaside town of Trelleborg said he joined the Sweden Democrats in 2006 after a personal experience with violence. He spoke about how his daughter had a child with a Tunisian Muslim who ended up assaulting the two, causing the baby developmental damage. He said the man was imprisoned, but on appeal was set free and given money to compensate for wrongful imprisonment. The councilman claimed that if a non-Muslim Swede committed the same crime, he would still be imprisoned, but because the man was Muslim, the court was more lenient. Trying to verify elements of stories like this with third party sources can be difficult in this information environment. As a charismatic local leader, however, his story is well-known.

Embassy officials spoke to Christian, Jewish, and Muslim representatives in Malmo, Gothenburg, and Stockholm throughout the year about their security concerns and about threats to religious freedom more broadly. 350c69d7ab


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