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Dell Bluetooth Stereo Driver

I think the point is being missed. While the devices do need drivers of sorts, the bluetooth on the PC side also seems to need A2DP drivers that support the class of service the stereo headphones are able to also support. That is possibly the cuplrit here.

Dell Bluetooth Stereo Driver

What a mess! But I will happily accept any tips on fixing this. I have updated BIOS to latest version (this includes a Spectre/Meltdown fix I think, and the computer is now also noticeably slower... SIgh!) I have reinstalled Windows, reinstalled lastest drivers, tried latest dell driver, old dell BT driver - driver straight from Intel - NOthing!

This is supper. I did not know that Bluetooth can be enabled or disabled from Bios setup utility. I found the check box for Bluetooth unchecked. I ticked it and immediately the computer restarted, dell support assistant suggested driver update which I did and my Bluetooth worked immediately. Prior to this I had tried windows as well as dell troubleshooter which both showed I was running the lates drivers. Windows showed that Bluetooth is not available on this device while dell said the machine is out of warranty hence they cannot assist. Thanks man.

I installed all drivers from dell drivers home. In device manager my bluetooth card is installed but with an exclamation yellow sign. on driver properties I see a windows error 43 message. (Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)).

Solution 1: Check the status of the Bluetooth driver for Windows 10Solution 2: Re-enable your Bluetooth driver software in Device ManagerSolution 3: Reinstall your Bluetooth driver - reinstall bluetooth driver Windows 10

Shiv, Go to _bluetooth_drivers_main/ and download the Driver Update Tool- you can run a free scan to check for the bluetooth driver updates you need. You can then choose to register the software so it will update the Drivers for you, or just get the details from the scan and search for the Driver yourself.

mydriversareinstalled(IevenhavetheOEMdisk)Trieduninstallingthemandre-installingthenrebooted;nosuch lucktheBluetoothdevicedoesnotshowupinDevices & Printers. I have internal Bluetooth along with Bluetooth headset, just not connecting because there is no Bluetooth in the taskbar. I know this is not a software issue because tried to install the intell proset wireless bluetooth & cannot seem to find where that installed but think its due to the internal Bluetooth my OS is not seeking. This is a brand new dell laptop with win 7 home 64-bit,1tb hd, 8 gb ram, blueray, icore 7 cpu, in the past was working then one day I tried to troubleshoot an issue now few weeks later cannot remember what I did, thought that I disabled the services which when I went in an auto started all Bluetooth services that did not bring it up either. So the puzzling question is why do I see the drivers install & all the drivers are there,the latest up-to-date drivers yet not show in devices? 350c69d7ab


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