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How To Hack Ticket Show Chaturbate

*********************************************************** DESCRIPTION: Turn off Grey Chatter* Block or replace certain Words* Public words list - All users can see words* Private words list - Never shown to public* Block certain Users from chatting* Multiple Word groups can be replaced with phrase or single word.** COMMANDS:* ALL USERS: * !list or !l- shows public words to room.* !help - shows commands** MODS & BROADCASTER:* !block - block a user* !unblock - unblock a user* !showusers or !su - shows which users are banned* !skon or !skoff - Toggle the Sticky Keys On or Off* !skmon or !skmoff - Toggle the Sticky Keys Messages On or Off* !greyon or !greyoff - Toggle Grey talk** BROADCASTER ONLY:* !listprivate or !lp - shows private words to broadcaster only.* !add or !a - add a word to the public list* !addprivate or !ap - add word to the private list* !allow - Toggles Replacing the words and banning users* !modoff / !modon - Toggles allowing Mods to Use Commands* !pmodoff !pmodon - Toggle processing Mod messages as normal Users* !pfcoff !pfcon - Toggle processing Fanclub Messages as normal Users* !stuon !stuoff - Toggle Showing Trusted Users Blocked User Messages!spamon !spamoff - Toggle EXPERIMENTAL SPAM BOTS* !pm - Allow broadcaster to pm a user w/o using tabs******************************** Changes* v1.0 - Initial Release* v1.1 - Removed all non Alpha Characters from string. Example hack would get banned but hack? would not.* v1.2 - Added replacing words instead of banning* v1.3 - Fixed using block command on Broadcaster, mod or fanclub member* v1.4 - Fixed words that contained spaces * v1.5 - Fixed partial matched words (ex. ban word: hor; replaceword honey. if someone typed horror it would show honeyror)* v1.6 - Added multiple replacement words that will be randomly chosen * v1.7 - Fixed Block command*v1.8 - Code cleanup*v1.9 - doubled string lengths *v2.0 - Fixed issue when word is not banned and a command was issued.*v2.1 - Added !modon / !modoff - to turn on and off Mod Commands* v2.2 - Increase blocked name* v3.0 - Added sticky fingers* - Added Word Grouping - Replacement* v3.1 - Added 30 total Word Groupings - Shy_Jane Request* v3.2 - Code Clean up* v3.3 - Add Flag to process Fanclubs/Mods as normal users* v3.45 - Fixed Mixed Case Emojis* v3.5 - Removed 3.4/3.45 changes and fixed WordReplacement function to ignore case.* v3.7 - Processed Public & Private words different.* When Private word, the word is automatically set to spam.* There is no notification to the user that they said a private word.* A message will be sent to broadcaster and list of trusted users if the options are turned on.* v3.8 - EXPERIMENTAL AUTO STOPPING SPAM BOTS added missing !b for blocking users* v3.9 - Added SPAM BOT Words* v4.0 - Added the ability to have greys enter a word to chat.* v4.01 - Clean up grey chat when password is used* v4.02 - Added !pm feature for broadcastors.* v4.03 - Made public word list optional* v4.04 - Added a one time Email Notice after 2 minutes of uses.*v4.05 - Added Secret Block List / No Notifcation Block List. Users on this list will not be notified they are blocked and Mod/Broadcasters will not see the messages from users on this list.*v4.06 - Added Sarcastic Responses per request.* v4.07 - Changed word check ordering - Proces Grays,Process Blocked Users, Process Spam Bot, Sticky Keys, Private Words, Public Words, Groups and Sarcasm*******************************

How To Hack Ticket Show Chaturbate



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